“He’s the most pleasant guy. I thought I was a nice guy, but he makes me feel like a fraud! I’ve never seen David in a bad mood. He’ll always smile, give you a hug, and say ‘hello’ and that kind of stuff. I spend some days just watching him, waiting for him to crack. ‘You can’t be that nice all the time!’ But he is. Working with someone like that, and seeing how he conducts himself at work, not only makes you a better actor, but also a better person. I think he has made me a better person.” — Noel Clarke gushes about David Tennant (DWM 367)

"Love is for children. I owe him a debt."

mcu meme:  [2/2] avengers  tony stark/iron man

 ”You know, it’s moments like these when I realize how much of a superhero I am.”

we’re all stories in the end. just make it a good one, eh?



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Doctor Who

"Doctor Who has never pretended to be hard science fiction … At best Doctor Who is a fairytale, with fairytale logic about this wonderful man in this big blue box who at the beginning of every story lands somewhere where there is a problem.”

- Neil Gaiman



Variety Studio Portraits – Toronto Film Festival



Always ready.